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Household foil products

When it comes to household-/foil products, we have a total range of products meeting almost any demand.

Out of environmental concern, we have chosen NOT to sell household foils manufactured with PVC or similar raw materials, BUT polyethylen PE ONLY. By industrial combustion, this material will only emit water, (H20), and carbon dioxide, (CO2), which are part of the natural cycle.


All products are produced upon order according to our customers' requirements / specifications regarding quality, (material / thickness), and size.

We deliver in all imaginable package sizes and package designs.


Alu foil and Cling film

We offer all the popular standard qualities in both alufoil and PE household cling film.

  • Width and length of roll according to your demand
  • Packaging in a box or, specifically to the Danish market, also alufoil shrink wrapped
  • Also as a package with two rolls with inlay or label

Bags on roll

We supply all sizes and types of quality, (HD, LD, LLD, MD, OKTEN and other), with or without  writing field / printed texts or how to store manuals or other.

  • Freezer bags, household bags, bin liners a.o.
  • Rolled and packed in PE outer bag or box with print
  • Ordinary bags and tie handle bags – with or without clips

Zip-lock bags

A relatively new product – which is very popular in the countries surrounding us because they can be used / closed and opened - again-and-again-and-again, closing hermetically without making use of clips or other devices.

  • Available in all sizes and in different zip-lock qualities, (wide or narrow / heavy or thin)
  • When ordering large quantities, the zip-locks can be produced in colours according to the customer's requirements, f.ex. - in YOUR LOGO-COLOURS ! 
  • And as something completely new – our zip-lock bags can now be equipped with a handle, thus becoming CARRIER BAGS !

Zip-lock stand bags

A genuine new product on the market - particularly suitable for liquid foods such as sauces, creams, dough, juices and the like. The bag can stand on its own while filling it, so you won't need three or four arms again. For storage in the refrigerator or in the freezer. Can go directly from freezer to microwave. 100% hermetic.

  • All zip-lock bags can be delivered in PE  bags or in box with print upon request

Sandwich bags - Multicolour bags - with stickers

A really fun NEW PRODUCT – for kids and adults – for daily and festive use !

  • In a complete new type of plastic that feels like paper – easy to write on – even with a normal pencil !
  • Five different standard colours making it easy to find out which sandwich bag belongs to who (f.ex.: the BLUE one is daddy's) !
  • With funny ”stickers” – which the kids will love ! (a new sticker for each day)
  • Can be used for sandwiches, cakes, candy or as a really nice gift wrap !

Garbage sacks - and String bags

All types, makings, sizes and quality of garbage sacks and bags in virgin- or recycled polyethylene plast.

  • Ordinary garbage sacks
  • Sacks with T-shirt top / tie handles 
  • All above mentioned types are available with C-fold, Z-fold, Book-fold, side gusset, star seal or other upon request
  • String bags - garbage sacks with build-in tie string
  • Products can be manufactured in nearly all colours – with or without print

Diaper bags - and bags for sanitary towels and ladies' briefs

Specially designed small bags – upon request produced to be slightly bacteria restrictive – with or without perfume and in different colours:

  • Packed in PE bag or box – with customers own design 
  • Is hygienic and price advantageous

An alternative that gives the consumer VALUE FOR MONEY !


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