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Disposable tableware and food containers

As something new, we are now able to offer our customers a wide and complete range of disposable products for the retail and catering business.


All products are manufactured in different standard qualities as well as standard package sizes. We can however, produce and deliver specific customer demands/orders in terms of quality, (gram pr. 100 pcs.), price and, of course, we deliver in all imaginable package sizes and package designs.




Infinite possibilities for all types of disposable plastic cutlery at very attractive prices such as:

  • Knives
  • Forks
  • Spoons 
  • Teespoons and
  • Cocktail sticks


All types of plates. Traditional plastic plates as well as the more exclusive foam plates that retain the heat better - particularly suited for soups and hot dishes:

  • Dinner-, soup-, lunch- and dessert plates in many sizes and shapes
  • Dip bowls and other bowls
  • With and without decor edge

Cups and glasses

A highly competitive range of cups and plastic glasses:

  • White or coloured standard cups
  • Wide variety of coloured cups – depending on quantity
  • Plastic glasses in several sizes – also with foot



For daily and festive use!

  • One colour or striped in numerous types of thickness and lengths
  • Straight or flexible
  • In bags by quantity on demand or individually paper wrapped with the possibility of logo print

Food containers

Wide range of containers with lid – circular and square

  • For freezer and microwave use

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