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First some information about PIC PAC
– below you will find our references


PIC PAC was established in 1990 – and we are now well in our 20th year of business. Operating as trader, importer, exporter & wholesaler we carry out not only assortment- and product-related issues, but also handle warehousing and other logistic tasks - depending on the specific agreement with each of our customers.


A lot of things have happened since we started up our operations. Thanks to the loyalty shown by our customers through out the years – we have had a steady organic growth, and have become known as one of the most innovative, flexible, reliable and competitive suppliers in the market, especially in the categories: carrier bags (of all types) and household-/foil products.



Innovation and progress – and who is setting the agenda ?


We believe that our success is due to the fact that we have not only faced the demands on the market, but we have always been up front innovating, and even been setting the standards within some of our product categories. Among other things, we were introducing the “loop-handle” carrier bags to the Danish market, as well as special thin foils / special blends – reducing the raw material costs - as well as the environmental tax.



Any quality – at the right price !


Our goal is and always has been to provide our customers with products at the lowest possible price without compromising the quality – through production in carefully chosen production sites (depending on the product specifications). We also often have the possibility to utilize free capacity in order to produce standard products.


We have now increased our product range and added following categories in our offer to our customers:

-Coffee filters, -Dust Bags for vacuum cleaners and -Disposable tableware.



Why choose PIC PAC ?


The fact is, there are many good reasons for you to pick us as your future supplier / partner !

Besides the obvious reasons above, it could be more than enough just to tell that:

- several of our customers have chosen US as THEIR PARTNER for more than 17 consecutive years ! ... and this with 4-5 different purchase managers, which should speak for it self. 



Why are we here ?


We know we are here – only because of our customers. They are our most valuable asset !

We are here because we create profitable solutions for our customers.


Our goal is, and always has been:

-  To be known on the market as the EXPERT within our range of products
-  To have the best PRODUCT knowledge
-  To have the best CUSTOMER knowledge
-  To offer the best customer SERVICE
-  To act as a PARTNER for our customers (NOT just a supplier)



Our partners:


Our partners on the customer side consist mainly of supermarket chains and other retail chains and buying offices, who require relatively large quantities. This also includes wholesalers with distribution to special branches, incl. catering and convenience stores. 


Our world-wide network of suppliers, who each have expert knowledge on their specific products, produce and deliver products to some of the worlds largest retailers. Through this network we get access to and become part of the development process, which results in e.g. alternative materials, production methods and product innovation in general.


The best result is achieved through close and liable partnerships, and our goal always remains the same:

To obtain the best solution and create more - VALUE FOR MONEY - for all parts.


Try us ! – We will not let you down ! 


(For your information you will find our references below)


PIC PAC References

Since we started up in 1990 we have had the pleasure in serving and cooperating with following companies:

  • Aldi DK
  • AMS NL
  • Axfood S
  • Be:Son Gross S
  • BR / Top-Toy DK
  • BS Supermarked DK
  • Color Line N
  • Dansk Supermarked DK
  • DFDS Seaways DK
  • DK Benzin DK
  • Dyrup DK
  • Edeka DK
  • Eurotaste O'Lacy's S
  • Embretsen N
  • FællesIndkøb DK
  • Hlutir Heidverslun IS
  • ICA S
  • ISO Supermarked DK
  • ISS DK
  • Jacodan DK
  • Joh. Johannson N
  • Jørgen & Jørgine DK
  • Klimabolaget S
  • Kometh & Co. DK
  • Lekkerland DK
  • Masterfoods DK
  • Matas DK
  • McCann Ericsson N
  • Netto DK / S
  • Nordisk Film Bio DK 
  • OK Benzin DK
  • Pick Import FIN
  • Prima / Samkøb DK
  • Q8 (Danmark) A/S  DK
  • Rema 1000 DK / N
  • Spar DK
  • Sportmaster DK
  • Richter IS
  • Statoil DK
  • SuperBest DK
  • SuperGros DK
  • Terje Høili N
  • Tammer-Tukku FIN
  • Tukkuliike Rosa FIN
  • Tuko FIN
  • Tradehouse S
  • Tradeway N
  • United Nordic DK/FIN/N/S
  • Wella DK
  • Årskog / Nille N

Country codes:  




Sweden S
Norway N
Iceland IS


our strength is your strength